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I’ll be frank (I always am)… I started several blogs, full of ideas and with lots of ambition. And then I lost interest. Or was just too lazy to keep on writing.

And Now This…

My goal with this website is to share things that I like and am passionate about. But I won’t bother fleshing out articles, researching stuff so I can link to reliable sources or worry about nice formatting.

This will be just my raw ideas and thoughts. And also some random stuff that I like.

You’ve been warned ūüėČ


Online Recruiting Services in Switzerland


Based on the principle of the sharing economy. Know somebody who might be interested in this job? Share it with them.

And also a bit capitalistic: get rewarded for sharing jobs.

But then again, whenever there’s a catastrophy somewhere in the world, Recomy are the first ones to encourage their partners to donate their earnings to relief organizations.

And I totally love their slogan. It’s to the point and relevant:
Jobs. Talents. Delivered.


Eqipia started as a social org chart as an addition to job ads. It showed visually and with pictures of actual employees who you would work with if hired as well as key people from other departments.

You could also click on a person’s picture in order to get additional information like a mini-bio (sourced from their LinkedIn or Xing profiles) or a short interview. What I liked most was what they expected from their new colleague (you!).

In 2014 Eqipia merged with BuddyBroker and is now focusing on supporting, automating and measuring the success of employee referrals.



Job Boards in Switzerland

JobCloud with

  • jobs.ch
  • jobup.ch
  • jobwinner.ch

Many additional specialized job boards

They have a cool service called CVcloud.

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